Karwei - Discover your deepest living needs


A playful exploration through a world of interior possibilities.

Eventually, everyone makes this search for his or her home.


Director: Menno Fokma           Exec & Creative Producer: Marlies Huisman           Production: Petra Keijser

Zeeman - Panties


"Long legs, short legs, big legs, slender legs, and strong legs.  "


Zeeman is being widely praised on social media for its unconventional yet all-inconclusive ad campaign ( Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Glamour)


Director: Alain Friedrichs           Creative: Liesbeth Maliepaard           Production: Cariola Productions

War Child - Imagine


"Fantasy is often the only way to escape reality "


War Child campaign: the power of imagination of children


Director: Diederik Spaargaren           Creatives: Rogier Mahieu / Marcel Frensch            Production: Gideon Rijnders

Neleman Wines - It's over


When the deceit is to painful.......

Temperamental Spanish wine.


Director: Maurice Heesen                        Production: Smarthouse Films

CtheCity - see the city through the eyes of the blind


Visually handicapped painted their own outdoor campaign to promote CtheCity,

supported by the virtual agency Plus1Mile.

CtheCity is a walk through Amsterdam in complete darkness.

Within CtheCity, you can recognize, discover and experience all the unique features that Amsterdam has to offer. During your visit, blind tour guides will guide and inspire you.

By helping you through the circuit they gain social skills that will finally

help them to obtain a real job.

Luerzer's Archive wrote an article on this remarkable campaign.


Director: Niels Boon       Client: CtheCity         Agency: Plus1Mile.org         Creatives: Joris van Elk / Andre Dammers