2016-now    Director / Dop

Shooting films for clients like KFC, Roche, Calvin Klein, CtheCity



1999-now    Director of Photography

Shooting commercials for clients like Sony, Vodafone, Fiat, G-Star, FootLocker, Canon and many other brands.

Featured on Luerzer’s Archive, Best Ads on TV and Ads of the World.

All this mixed with shorts, music video’s and art films.

1994-2000   Gaffer

Working in the lighting department as gaffer and assistent on commercials and tv films.

1994-1999   Photography assistant


2013-now    Netherlands Film Academy ( NFA )

Master class Lighting Cinematography 3rd grade (2016 and 2017)

Three day workshop (together with gaffer Chris Hacken)

on looking at and lighting faces.

How to create a character, mood and continuity.

Together with make-up artists and actors


Master class Lighting Cinematography 3rd grade (2016)

A one week program for NFTA students and master students of the Beijing Film Academy  / DOC, together with gaffer Chris Hacken.


Master class Lighting Cinematography 4th grade (2014 , 2015 and 2016)

Developed a one week program together with gaffer Chris Hacken.

We teach that lighting isn’t just about lamps, but is about what light does in collaboration of art direction, wardrobe, make-up and actors.


Master class Lighting Cinematography 1st grade (2014, 2015 and 2016)

Three day workshop on the most important thing: learning to see.

Tabletop, model sets and developing a sense how to expand this knowledge to real life size.


Master class commercials Cinematography 2nd grade (2013)

One day master class on commercial making.

Showing that film making is a creative collaboration.

Takes the students all the way through the process from first idea to post production.

2014             University of Arts Utrecht ( HKU )

Master class Film making Spatial Design 1st and 2nd grade.

Introduction to film making, students have to create a space that reflects the mood of the character in a specific film scene.

Art Projects:

2016             ‘The Lost Object’  Sebastian Diaz Morales

“The Lost Object” is the final video in a trilogy that examines the complex mechanisms of how we perceive the constructed nature of reality.

14min. Arri Alexa

@ Sonsbeek 2016

@ Museum fur Gegenwarts Kunst, Siegen


2011-2015   Melvin Moti

Melvin Moti is an internationally acclaimed and awarded artist.

He produces works grounded in intensive research that explore neurological, scientific and historical processes in relation to visual culture.

A long term relationship lead to several film projects I shot for Moti.


‘Cosmism’ 2015

28min, Sony F55, A7s


‘The Eightfold Dot’ 2013

35mm, no sound 24min

@ Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT

@ Kunstverein Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, DE

@ Pavilin, Leeds, UK


‘Eigenlicht’ 2012

35mm, no sound 18 min.

@ National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh, UK

@ 55th International Art Exhibition entitled “The Encyclopaedic Palace” organised by the Venice Biennale.


‘Eigengrau’ 2011

35mm, no sound

@ Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg, LU

@ 55th International Art Exhibition entitled “The Encyclopaedic Palace” organised by the Venice Biennale.


2014             ‘Collapse of Cohesion’  Levi van Veluw

A film project of this spectacular multi-disciplinary artist about order and chaos.

‘Archive’    Phantom 8:36 min

‘Spheres’  Phantom 9:46 min

‘Room’      Phantom 9:12 min

@ Galerie Particuliere, Paris

@ Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam


2014              ‘No9'  Lucanet

Kapustin's Preludes in Jazz style is played live by pianist Lucanet with the film showing on screen.

2:45 min Canon 5D


2012              ‘Inner Space- Outer Space’ Yasmijn Karhof

Interactive video installation, Alexa


2012              ‘Nol King Ruter’ Noud Heerkens / Holland Harbour Productions

33min, Alexa DCP @ IFFRotterdam 2013


2002              ‘Nachtbijter’ Chris Mitchell / Circe Films

10min S16mm @ Netherlands Film Festival


2001              ‘Emergency Exit’ Dennis Bots / Entermorfic Pictures

12min 35mm Cinemascope


1998              ‘Hell of Fame’ Kees Veling & Willum Geerts / NPS

12min S16, S8, video

Other Projects:

2015              ‘Natural Disorder’ Christian Sønderby Jepsen / Denmark

97min documentary, DCP

Shot Dream scene and Nightmare scene

@ IDFA 2015


2012              ‘Lovebuzz”  Kees Veling

Educational interactive game show for adolescents, Rutgers WPF


2011              ‘X was hier’ Patrick Janssens

45 short films for Museum website and Iphone-app

@ National Historical Museum, Netherlands



1989-1994    Royal Academy of Fine and Applied Arts ( KABK), the Hague, NL